The Fox Education Fund - Canadian Applicants

U.K. Applicants

U.K. Flag The Harold G. Fox Education Fund was established, amongst other objectives, to enable suitable members of the Middle Temple to undertake for a year either a "placement" in the litigation department of a large Toronto law firm, arranged by the Trustees of the Fund in Toronto, or a post-graduate degree at a university in Ontario for which candidates make their own arrangements. These scholarships are now open to members of all the Inns.

The scholarships cover a year, starting in October 2021 to be spent either in a Toronto law firm or on a post-graduate degree; applicants interested in the post-graduate degree will have to make the necessary arrangements themselves, while the placements with the law firm will be organised by the Fund.

Up to two scholarships of C$38,500 each are awarded for the one year placement plus reasonable travelling expenses to and from Canada. Two lakeside furnished apartments in Toronto are owned by the Fund and provided for each scholar at a cost of C$800 per month.

Candidates must be:

  1. a member of any Inn, of up to five years' Call or about to be Called to the Bar;
  2. of good academic standing and supported by one academic reference;
  3. if already a pupil or tenant, supported by references from a Pupil Supervisor or Head of Chambers.

The prestige of this award is such that past scholars have usually found chambers willing to postpone the start of pupillage or tenancy for the period of the scholarship.

Applications for this year’s scholarships need to be submitted by 4pm on 16 April 2021. The selection panel will then draw up a short list of candidates for interview. Interviews will be held on the evenings of a date to be confirmed.

The application form can be downloaded from the Middle Temple website at

To apply for a scholarship, applicants must submit the following:

a. A completed application form
b. A curriculum vitae
c. An academic reference
d. Those candidates who are already pupils or tenants should also include a reference from a Pupil Supervisor or Head of Chambers.

The Trustees welcome applications for all backgrounds. There is no age limit for those applying for the scholarships.

Reasonable travel expenses up to a maximum of £65 per candidate will be reimbursed to those candidates travelling to the Inn for an interview from outside the M25.