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The Harold G. Fox Education Fund
Scholarships 2021-2022, The Inns of Court, London

Canadian Flag In the fulfillment of the wishes of the late Dr. Harold G. Fox, Q.C., member of the Law Society, scholar, teacher, author and practitioner of international distinction in the area of patent and copyright law, and Honorary Bencher of the Middle Temple, Inns of Court, London, the Trustees of the Harold G. Fox Education Fund have established a scholarship programme for recently called barristers. The programme has operated since 1985. Additional information regarding the scholarships may be found on the Fund's website at

The Trustees have approved the following information regarding these scholarships awarded only to aspiring barristers.

The late Dr. Harold G. Fox, Q.C. had a high regard for the training received by the newly called barristers at the Inns of Court in London, England. This training, called pupillage, involves those so called being assigned to a set of Barristers' Chambers for a period of a Court year.

The Trustees reserve the right to decide the number of scholarships to be awarded; however, the maximum number of scholarships will not exceed two. Each scholarship is tenable for pupillage in Chambers.

Each scholarship is in the amount of $55,000 together with reasonable travelling expenses to and from London.

The Trustees have been advised that a Scholar who goes to England under this programme and then returns may be regarded as having continued to be a Canadian resident while abroad and thus may be subject to tax on the scholarship.

The duration of each scholarship is for a period of ten months from October 1, 2021 to July 31, 2022.

The qualifications are:

Those interested should apply to the address below together with:

Applications must be received by mail or email by 5:00 p.m. (Toronto time) on Friday, May 7, 2021, and all will be acknowledged. The applicants will be considered by a committee of the Trustees who will prepare a short list of those to be interviewed.

The Harold G. Fox Education Fund
365 Bay Street, Suite 811
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 2V1
Joseph J. Markson, Secretary-Treasurer

Applications sent by email are to be directed to Jacqueline Gubiani at