About The Harold G. Fox Education Fund

The Fund sponsors two pupillages each year at the Inns of Court in London, England. The Scholars are placed with leading Barristers, have an opportunity to marshall with one or more members of the judiciary and attend the Middle Temple's student advocacy program. Accommodations in London are available at Goodenough College, which is within walking distance of the Inns of Court.

The Fund also sponsors two scholarships each year for recent English graduate barristers to spend 10 months in Toronto law firms which have highly regarded litigation departments. Accommodations in Toronto are available at two apartments owned by the Fund in downtown Toronto.

The Fund makes annual donations to several Canadian law schools to fund bursaries to deserving students.


The Harold G. Fox Education Fund was established on July 25, 1966 by the late Dr. Harold G. Fox, Q.C., who was a member of the Law Society, scholar, teacher, author and practitioner of international distinction in the area of patent and copyright law, and Honorary Bencher of the Middle Temple, Inns of Court, London, England.

In 1985 the Trustees of the Fund established a scholarship programme that allows recent graduates of the Ontario Bar Admission Course to spend 10 months in London, England and recent graduates of the Middle Temple in London to spend 10 months in Toronto, Canada.